The Hellfire Stew Mess


The Hellfire Stew Mess

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Welcome to the Camp of
The Hellfire Stew Mess

Although we strive to maintain correct period campaign impressions, we realize that the average Civil War enlisted soldier wasn't over 50 years old, as some of us now are. To suggest otherwise to the public would be to convey an inaccurate impression of history, and we are not egotistical enough to commission ourselves as officers. The main goal of us older guys is to experience a small part of what the Civil War veterans did, while at the same time enjoying the camaraderie, fresh air, and campfire joie de vivre that are some of the best aspects of reenacting!


This original tintype depicts an unknown Confederate lieutenant. This image is particularly interesting given his use of U.S. rank straps and the feathered plume on his slouch hat!
(Denis Gaubert Collection- All Reproduction Rights Reserved)

Be sure to take a look at our pages featuring Soldiers' Letters (transcripts of previously unpublished original letters, relating to the Lafourche region) and Soldiers' Images (original period photographs). We also have other pages with excerpts from period literature on various topics, which we hope may be helpful in improving reenactors' overall impressions. For example, in our Cooking on Campaign page, we feature recipes and other excerpts from original period sources on cooking in the field.

Original Pelican Badge worn by a Louisiana Confederate Soldier

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